Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Day Trip: Apple Annies!

Years ago (2008 to be exact) I was desperate for cooler weather and fun fall activities and was searching for a fun place to take a road trip in Arizona. I came upon the website for Apple Annie's Orchard in Wilcox AZ and practically begged my family to join me. We had such a fun time going on a hay ride to the orchard, picking from all the different types of apples and taking home amazing homemade apple crumb pies. Since then we sadly didn't have the chance to make it back (it is a 3 hour drive from where we live). This year I mentioned it one night at dinner and we made a plan to visit once again for a day trip! We all were in desperate need once again for a nice cool breeze (it is still in the 90's here!) and a fun day out. Bellow are a few pictures of our Sunday fall fun day at the orchard. We ended up bringing back homemade pie, apple butter and apple bread for not only ourselves, but also for my grandparents and my brothers college roommates.

My mom <3

Walking through the orchard, searching for the perfect apples.

Beautiful Fuji Apples

My Outfit:
Scarf, Jean Shirt and T-shirt: Target 
Boots: Forever21
Purse: Steve Madden (from TJMaxx)
Earrings: Jewelmint 

A better look at my Jewelmint 'Heart or Gold' earrings

My mom and step dad :)

Pretty sad that the apple is taller than me! lol

Apple butter!

All the yummy goodies we came home with xo


  1. This sounds like sooo much fun, and those goodies! Yumm!

    1. It really was :) The goodies were worth the drive for sure ;)

  2. Hey mellissa, I lost youtube on my ipad since I updated and can't like or comment on your videos but you are still my favorite guru! I had to visit your blog to tell you how adorable you looked in the apple pickin portion of your video. You look like a model ! Congrats on your Sephora job they are so lucky to have you! Are you still in school? I bet you could have a fabulous career at Sephora...happy fall!

    1. I am so happy to see a comment from you and know that all is well with you :) Thank you for your oh so sweet comments <3 And I am still so over the moon about being apart of the Sephora team, I hope to continue there for a while xo