Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wacky Wed: 5 DIY Hair Fixes!

Avoid Brassiness
Tip #1: For all my blondes out there, make sure to use PURPLE SHAMPOO to help with toning your fabulous locks. It leaves your hair look at its best golden blonde instead of having it look brassy and icky orange. I use AG Sterling Silver Shampoo and conditioner. Make sure to also use a deep conditioner once a week because purple shampoos can be a bit drying.

Softer hair, growth promotion and help with those nasty split ends
Tip #2: Use COCONUT OIL! Certain components in it keep the hair strong, vitalized, nourished and protected from effects of ageing. I usually run a good amount through out my hair, avoid putting too much on your roots because you could end up looking oily. Then leave on for 1-3 hours. Afterward you can shampoo as regular, but when using conditioner focus on the ends only. I do this a few times a month. You can find this product usually at Whole Foods or any organic markets.

Eliminating Product Build-up
Tip #3: (after using all that hair spray ext that we girls love so much) use a mixture of 2-3tbsp of APPLE CIDER VINEGAR with one cup of water, cover dry or wet hair in this mixture and leave for 10-30 min. Then do a light shampoo (to get out that vinegar smell) and condition your ends.

Add Shine
Tip #4: use a BANANA MIXTURE containing one whole banana massed up and one whole egg. Mix together into a paste and apply all over hair. Leave for 10-30min and then shampoo as regular.

Add Volume
Tip#5: Use a tepid BEER! First you will shampoo your hair as normal. Then while hair is still wet in shower pour the bottle of beer onto your hair making sure to cover all surface. Wait a few minutes and then rinse.

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