Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Fabulous June!

This month has brought me many new opportunities, fun hobbies that I never thought to explore before and new ways of expressing my style! I know there is still a week left before we are officially done with this month, but with being so busy moving ext, thought I'd give a recap now.
  • It's been almost a year since I did anything new with my hair and I was itching to do something new. After a few weeks of contemplating, I decided to go for it and went from my natural dark brown hair to a strawberry blonde with blonder highlights! I went to Dolce Salon and Spa, the only salon I would trust with a 'color correction' such as this. Honesty when I am there I feel so relaxed, I would live there if I could ;) I adore my new hair color, and may even go a bit lighter in the near future. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get a good picture of it..comes out way darker then it is in person..but the bellow picture gives you an idea.
  • Last weekend a good friend of mine and I went on a 'staycation' at the Hyatt here in Scottsdale, AZ and for the most part it was wonderfully relaxing and definitely a good time. We lounged by the pool with yummy drinks adorned with fruit and danced the night away at a awesome club downtown. One day and one night was surely not enough. I am now day dreaming of a weekend at the beach.
  • As I have mentioned before, I am in the process of moving and actually getting a good deal done! The weird part of all this for me is that I will be moving back with my parents. Eeek! I moved out my Junior year of high school and haven't lived with them since..but due to my future PA program hopefully starting in the next year (which doesn't allow me to work full-time) I won't be able to afford an apartment. Even though I won't have the same level of privacy I have become accustom to..I am very thankful they want to take me in. Any way, the fun part of moving is getting to redecorate my new room! I am going with a french theme, with a flair of Moulin Rouge style, in black and different shades of pink. I have always loved everything Paris, my mom has said many times before that I must have been french in another life. So words can not express how much fun I am having designing this room. Pictures soon!
  • I was finally able to get down to see my friend Jamie's new beautiful baby Parker Mason! I did a small photo shoot for her, and it wasn't so simple (he was so active!) but we did get a few wonderful shots and she is super happy with the results which makes me a happy photographer. He was 3 weeks old when the pictures were taken.
  • And last but not least I have some INCREDIBLE news to share that just happened yesterday BUT I am going to save it for the 1st of July..yep I'm keeping you in suspense! So make sure to check back!
For now I leave you with my newest youtube channel video, my June Favorites:

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