Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mid Year Recap

I can't believe its already June of 2011! So far this year has NOT gone the way I thought it would or had hoped it would..but I guess that is just how life is, unexpected and unpredictable. I have accomplished a few of my goals for the year, but still quite a bit left! Here is what I have done so far:

1. Finish Bikram Yoga Challenge (Jan)- I wasn't able to do the full 60 days due to the place closing down for renovations. I was super bummed because I was so dedicated the first 30 days, but if I can find a good deal again in the future I would definitely take it again.

2. 30 Day Vegan (Jan/Feb)- Going vegan for 30 days was definitely not easy to accomplish, especially with the pressure from family who did not approve of my new diet routine...but I did finish and I felt so healthy and amazing. I think everyone should challenge themselves and try to get rid of the meat in your diet. I promise you will see a change, not just in your figure but your skin will have a new glow and your digestion will improve!

3. Go To Ballet (Feb)- I love the ballet! One of my Christmas traditions is to go to The Nutcracker ballet every year with the family. But I never had the opportunity to go to any other ballet and made it a goal of mine to see a different one this year. Thanks to, I was able to find an amazing deal for the Ballet Arizona's performance of Don Quixote. It was unbelievably gorgeous! The costumes, the set and of course the dancing was incredible.

4. Pay Off Surgery Bill (Jan)- Last year I had a small surgery that came out of pocket. I had taken out a medical loan that I needed to pay off by August of this year (due to the 0% interest until that point). Thankfully I was able to pay this off before my new health issue that I am now having concerning my gallbladder (..I'll elaborate at another time). Now if I could just win the lottery to pay off my school loans I would be golden! ;)

5. Read At Least 3 Books Other Then Textbooks- I made this goal for myself this year because I used to read ALL the time, but due to school and work getting in the way my 'to-read' list just kept growing and growing. So far I have already read 5 books!! The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series (3 total) by Stieg Larsson and Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang by Chelsea Handler. I am currently reading Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin. And I would love to read at least 3 more by the end of the year. I may also post reviews of the books as I go along, if time permits.

Other highlights from this year so far include:
-My younger brother graduated from High School this past week! So proud of him, but also sad that he will be going away to college soon. Also he made it to semi-finals at State with his varsity vollyball team! It was fun cheering them on at all the games.
-One of my best friends had her first baby, a boy named Parker Mason
-Finally changed from T-mobile to AT&T and have my new fabulous smart phone (Samsung GallaxyS also called a 'Captivate')
-We have a new puppy! His name is Harley and is a Shih tzu, I will for sure be posting more pictures of him soon.-Did my first maternity photo shoot back in March! Was so much fun and turned out really cute. I will also be doing my first newborn shoot this weekend.-Vegas spring break trip!-Seeing Josiah Lemming perform really close to me and getting to meet him!
-Finished making my photography website Honeybee Photography

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