Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Love of Sally Hansen & Long Lashes

If you saw my 'summer essentials' video on youtube, then you know I am loving the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips! They come in all these amazing designs and colors, no dry time, and they last forever without chipping..which is my very favorite part! It says on the package that they last 10 days... however I had the leopard design 'kitty kitty' on for a good 2 weeks before they started chipping. Yesterday I changed to this cute checkered design. When you want to take them off simply using nail polish remover does the trick.
Today I had an interview for a MA position at a Gastroenterologist office only 10 minutes from home! I am looking to gain 'experience hours' before I apply to get into my masters program to become a Physician Assistant (PA). I definitely take pride in my interview skills, and even though I think I rocked it out..I'm not sure if I will be given the position seeing that there are 200 applicants and I am not a certified MA..but there is always a small hope that they will be willing to give me a chance. Any way, today I tried something new with my make-up for my interview.
Normally fake eyelashes have been reserved for girls night out at the club..the most I usually do on a daily basis would be curl them with an eyelash curler and some covergirl mascara (about 2 coats focusing more in the corners). This past weekend one of my girls told me she was wearing individual fake eyelashes on her past interview (and she got the job!) and said she felt as though she was respected more due to her enhanced appearance. I don't doubt it either, I have read countless articles in psychology on how the beautiful are treated better and differently then those that may appear less attractive. So I thought, what the heck, I'll wear some lashes today, feel pretty/gain a bit more confidence and see if it makes a difference. I am in LOVE! They made my eyes pop even more and now I may just be addicted...I can hear my wallet crying right now..yet another beauty must have. Okay, so I may not do it every single day, but fake lashes I feel give a little more of a punch to your look and give you a bit more sparkle in your attitude and I definitely felt even more confident today. So if nothing else, fake lashes would be great to wear on those days were your either feeling down about your appearance or just as an extra pow to your outfit in the middle of a boring work week. Try it and let me know! I used MAC eyelashes (after curling and using mascara on my own lashes) and then did an extra coat of mascara on top after applying the falsies.
Please excuse my lack of lip gloss! That should definitely be a sin ;)

Isn't this necklace fabulous?! I was surprised at the great quality with thick torqouis stone detail and gold plates, as well a small gold link chain at the top which allows it to hang at different lengths. I will be posting a video soon with this necklace on my OOTD "Outfit of the Day"..which will show how to pair this without it looking too overpowering. This is my first 'statement' necklace, I usually go for more subtle small accessories.
It may a few more days until I am able to post another video to my channel, I am super busy moving right now. It's such a huge pain to move, especially since I really love my apartment and how I decorated it..but they raised the rent on me so I don't have much of a choice. I am about half way done! The picture bellow is of the boxes just from my productive kitchen packing last night.

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  1. My sister does the lash extensions, youd love them!