Friday, December 31, 2010

Chocolate is the Devil's Spawn

"In heaven chocolate has no calories and is served as the main course."

Chocolate please go back to the hell you came from and stop calling my name!! M&M's I swear have heroine in them, they are so addicting! My roommate agrees with this statement, she has even gone as far to make M&M's a food group in her diet haha. I am easily able to resist any form of chocolate as long as it does not reside in my house. Cookies, cakes, candy bars or any open chocolate chips or M&M's out on the counter are just a health hazard waiting to happen and usually lead to a road of unhealthy eating which is never ever good in my book. So guess what, I'm about to say something nuts...even I'm questioning this...but I have decided at the last minute to add 'absolutely no chocolate!' to my 2011 goals! I WILL keep this, no matter how dang hard it will be! I am going to tell all my close friends and family my goals as well so they can keep on top of me if they see me about to slip. The hardest part will be when I bake (which is pretty often since I have a small side baking business). Its difficult not to test-taste, but a lick here and a lick there can really add up. No more!

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